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New update Ver .245

Dear Dexia Silkroad Online Community,📢 📢 Mention our your friends & Share this post About new update Ver,245 --Patch list-- ✔Has been moved Dexia-Online to a Bigger Dedicated Server . ✔Fix Lag/Delay. ✔Fix Embled Guild. ✔Fix Chinese Balance Skill Effects ✔Has been add new...
News 03.04.2018

Wheel of Fortune "Game"

Dear Dexia-Online Community📢📢 has been launched a new game in our website You must first log in to the website "User Panel"🌎🌎🎲Wheel of Fortune🎲 1-You need at least 10 game credit in your account "in websi...
News 27.01.2018

Merry Christmas Event

Dear Dexia-Online Community,      -Added 30% bounce when you buy silk from dec 27 to jan 3.                  Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!            Dexia-Online Crew               
News 27.12.2017